An acquisition has taken place for AXIBYTE Esports.

After prolonged conversations and planning it is now unveiled that AXIBYTE has acquired Aerial Unit LLC in a business merger deal that not only extends AXIBYTE in Esports and Content creation but, also opens a new door in our industry with the preliminary announcement of the Aerial Unit Agency.

Aerial Unit is an international gaming & lifestyle brand founded in 2021. Striving to become a leading example in the health and well-being of the competitive gaming world. An established brand within the LATAM region, where its heritage competed within Fortnite alongside the dedicated influencer team producing exceptional results and content on our social platforms.
With this acquisition, all of the Aerial Unit Esports division will be merged in to the AXIBYTE brand, bringing a number of exciting opportunities for it's current members and staff.

Although Aerial Unit is no longer, this is not the end for the brand as the household name of Aerial Unit is now officially an Esports agency which will be working as the dedicated management team for AXIBYTE and future players/teams who meet the correct criteria that require the services of an experienced management team who are here to help develop your brand.

We truly hope that all of the loyal and dedicated Aerial Unit fans can appreciate our vision in becoming one of the most recognised names in gaming and continue to support our efforts in reaching our goals.



Not only do we continue to house our current teams in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant and streamers, giving the original Aerial Unit fans new prospects to follow but, with this acquisition comes new exciting opportunities.

Please welcome our new Esports Director, Sam Kendall.

Sam Kendall is one of competitive gaming's original faces, previously working for organisations such as SK Gaming, Copenhagen Wolves and MeetYourMakers as the Console general manager.
With Sam and Aerial Unit now part of AXIBYTE, there will be a combined experience of 25+ years which can only mean one thing, wisdom.

Along with the acquisition comes two very entertaining Content Creators.
Welcoming BigBritishCrumpet & JoeFL96!

We are extremely excited to have these 2 new additions for AXIBYTE as they bring a wide range of entertainment from games such as World of Warships and Fortnite.

So keep your eyes peeled on what's coming next for AXIBYTE Esports. We know you're going to love it.