Welcomes Primza

Ever since our Call of Duty: Mobile team bowed out of the COD:M World Championships, it saw the resignation of 2 players.
Taking the opportunity to grow and improve our team, we would love to introduce you to our new Player & Captain, Primza.

Formerly playing for teams such as Animus, Hammers Esports, ELIT3 and Zenshu....Primza brings a wealthy head of experience that will be crucial to how we perform in the 2023 season.

"I am excited to have Stephen on board as the captain of this new lineup. Stephen brings a lot of experience to the team and I believe with his leadership he will lead the team with bigger continued successes that we recently achieved. I'm looking forward to seeing the team work together for the upcoming year!".

"I’m glad to be joining the AXIBYTE Call of Duty: Mobile team as one of their new players & captain for the seasons to come. It’s been in the works with Sammy & Josh for some time now and it’s finally happening. I can’t wait to show what our team can do for the coming future, it’s going to be awesome. Being captain for this team, I’ve got the experience on what needs to be done for my teammates. Getting their mentality right and as well, go over mistakes and give feedback. I can’t wait and thank you AXIBYTE for this opportunity."

Primza will remain in AXIBYTE after the release of the COD:M team and pursue other opportunities within the club.