Call of Duty: Mobile
team released

After Stage 4 of the World Championship Qualifiers, AXIBYTE Call of Duty: Mobile was faced with a difficult task of rebuilding an already well respected and strong team.

Numerous negotiations were attempted with players from unsigned teams but unfortunately, the attempts were disregarded before an opportunity was made available.

Because of the tight schedule that needs to be followed in preparation for the 2023 season, it was decided that the remaining players from the Call of Duty: Mobile roster will be released and given the opportunity to discover alternative options.

"Unfortunately, we have made the decision to release our remaining COD:M players due to the lack of suitable options available to fulfil our roster.
To be clear, our approach towards recruiting new players is a commonly used standard practise in Esports. On this occasion, our attempt to reach out to potential players was translated as inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour which is disappointing to hear as we strive to be one of the good guys of the community so if any offense was caused by this, please accept my apology on behalf of AXIBYTE.
I have set high standards for AXIBYTE and if that means we cause disruption or unrest during the approach of new players that we feel would improve our current roster, it's not personal, it's strictly business. I want the best team possible representing AXIBYTE and will stand by my management team for taking the initiative in approaching players that are currently available in terms of restrictions.
Moving on from that, I am unsatisfied our journey ends here with such a talented and mature group of players but, that's Esports. I look forward to what's next in Call of Duty: Mobile and will certainly make sure our 2023 season will continue from
where we left off.
Thank you to our former COD:M team and the staff involved for being such great team players and hard working individuals, we wish you all the very best".