Welcome our Call of Duty: Mobile roster for 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, a new team for COD:M was always on the cards.

Since the release of our former COD:M team, multiple and extended meetings were arranged to give our fans the best possible chance for next years World Championship.

Now, we are incredibly happy to announce our next challenge with an extremely talented team of players formerly of Nova Esports, OXG, BK ROG, Cold Esports & Asylium who are looking for redemption from previous seasons.
Joining AXIBYTE, the Call of Duty: Mobile team known to the community as 117NotFound.

Please join us in welcoming our 2023 season Call of Duty: Mobile team!


  • Rondo

  • Darroks

  • Lucky

  • Kxrma

  • Ceesarr

  • Jaz

"I am pleased to have 117 onboard with AXIBYTE. This team is full of incredible talents that, have already proven their worth in COD:M. Each one of them can step up when needed, which is vital as a team. I believe they can go all the way to the top, anything can happen with this team, and together, we'll have a fantastic year".

"Speaking on behalf of the 117NotFound roster and myself, we are very excited to start work in AXIBYTE. For a good month, we have had extensive talks about how we can both move forward together and achieve some great results with our personal goal of winning 2023 World Champs. We truly believe this relationship is great not only for our roster but, for the CODM community as a whole. The AXIBYTE organisation have really high standards and expectations for the future of CODM and we're so pleased we are part of this journey."