AXIBYTE reveal new venture
Mobile & Controller Esports


After many weeks of research and consulting was drawing to an end, it was obvious what the UK Esports community was MISSING....Mobile & Controller Esports. 
It has been revealed that AXIBYTE is now fully focused and dedicated to the development and success of the Mobile & Controller Esports market
in the United Kingdom. 
Researching the esports market, it became very evident that 
Mobile & Controller Esports was sitting on a gold mine of potential marketing possibilities. With the recent announcement of the Call of Duty: Mobile
World Championships at its highest prize pool ever and the development of favoured PC gaming titles such as Rainbow 6, Apex Legends and Valorant stepping into the mobile gaming industry, AXIBYTE had to make a move during the
quiet before the storm. 
Now AXIBYTE is focused solely on Mobile & Controller Esports, there will be regular additions to the titles that will be supported that will drive AXIBYTE in becoming the leader of Mobile & Controller Esports in the United Kingdom. 
"I am proud to launch a whole new hybrid concept in the esports industry, starting with our new branding that has multiple trending inputs that are currently seen in the world today. As we are entering the Mobile platform for esports this opens up so many new opportunities, not just for teams but to give the UK esports scene a new unique brand. I am pleased today to reveal our website along with the first professional mobile teams and in the near future, you will be seeing some of the best upcoming rosters mobile has to offer.  
New branding, a new esports platform, a whole new concept, it’s time to show the best of what the UK has to offer.  
Times are changing, and so is AXIBYTE!"