AXIBYTE reflect on the end
of the World Championship

Our first match of the tournament was against the now champions, Animus.

Animus, who came in to the event at a surprising 5th seed with double defeats from 1st seed Nova Esports, was looking for redemption and certainly ready for business.

Honoured to be part of the featured opening match for the World Championship Regional Qualifiers, AXIBYTE faced off against a strong and prepared Animus.

Unfortunately for AXIBYTE, Animus were far too strong in the Hardpoints and Search and Destroy matches. Defeating AXIBYTE 3-1 on map count with AXIBYTE taking the Summit Control 3-0, our strongest game mode.

Next up was a match against a very strong Limitless team, which saw both teams facing elimination from the Regional Qualifiers.

Let's just say, thing's were not in favour of AXIBYTE.

Limitless with the expected strong series taking a final score of 1-3.
But there was more than meets the eye in this important series.

After a heart breaking end to the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship
Regional Qualifiers, it's now time to reflect on the future ahead.

It's no secret that the AXIBYTE COD:M team feel robbed from the opportunity to progress on to the World Championship Finals stage but unfortunately when it comes to any qualifying stage played online, there's always a chance that internet outage can play a massive part.

During our elimination match against Limitless, the first map of the series,
Standoff Hardpoint, we encountered some very frustrating internet issues.
2 of our players, HBC and Denissio, found themselves completely disconnected from the match for a straight 90 seconds with HBC not being able to reconnect at all. Leaving the map to be played out 3v5 for the remaining 2 minutes.

After the team attempted to resolve the internet issues, unfortunately it persisted into the other maps where 3 of our 5 players were experiencing intense connection spikes and an in game ping of 150ms+.

The most disappointing part of this situation is that the organisers of the tournament didn't assist the COD:M team in this unfortunate turn of events. Sticking to the outlined rules stating that "A player's connection is their own responsibility".

Our Co-Founder, Joshua Pascoe, questioned the way the rules were being policed. Making the admin team aware of that in any future situation where a DDoS attack could potentially take place during an online tournament, how would the organisers protect any competing team against this. No answer was given by the admin team, more of a shrug and statement of "We can't use hypothetical situations".

Joshua Pascoe, who has 13 years of competitive Call of Duty experience through playing and a position on the former European Decerto rules council, feels extremely concerned about how the admin team dealt with this situation and will be contacting the organisers about the way it needs to safeguard it's competitors for future online tournaments.

Taking nothing away from Limitless who played a fantastic tournament, the issues we were facing didn't give us a chance in the later stages of the series, subsequently leading to a 1-3 loss against a very strong and determined Limitless team and elimination from the Regional Qualifiers.

Although AXIBYTE COD:M team are bitterly disappointed because of the circumstances of our defeat, the team are not giving up on their dream of reaching the World Championship Finals because as we all know, there's next year!

As an Esports Club who have well and truly shown the Mobile Esports community that we mean business and are here to stay, AXIBYTE hopes that the issues we faced this year will be rectified and safe guarded for next year if, later stages of the World Championship is to be held online once again. Not just for every teams benefit who are competing but, for the competitive integrity and future of
Call of Duty Mobile Esports.