It all started in 2011 on the esports title Call of Duty: Mordern Warfare 3.
Co-Owner Joshua Pascoe, known as Sensor in the gaming world....Created the brand name of "AXIBYTE" after he resigned his position as a professional player from Anexis esports & LiNK Gaming.
During the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, "Sensor" decided to stop representing an already established organisation in the hope to create a brand for himself alongside a familiar face, Joshua "Raider" Brighton. Once the brand had been decided and created, AXIBYTE was revealed to the Call of Duty world.
A lot of speculation was surrounding the new AXIBYTE team that it was created for no other reason than to play for online tournaments only but, with the release of Modern Warfare 3 and no offline lobbies available for tournament use, "Sensor" made the decision to only practise on Modern Warfare 3 in preparation for the new game, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

Once Black Ops 2 was released, the AXIBYTE team faced their first hurdle and was approached by existing organisation AbsoluteLegends. The team at AXIBYTE had an offer they couldn't particularly refuse in being fully acquired by AbsoluteLegends, so the once 
criticised team for being a team that only plays online had the opportunity in becoming professional players once again.

After the acquisition was complete, AXIBYTE was put into a dormant state ready for a new beginning when the time was right.

Sensor old_edited_edited_edited.png


With esports now on the rise and the former AXIBYTE members enjoying retirement from their playing days, Joshua Pascoe and shadow owner Harry Lynch decided it was time to create an esports team to help scratch that competitive itch. During late 2019, Joshua Pascoe and Harry Lynch were joined once again by former team mate Joshua Brighton and had the idea of using the AXIBYTE brand for this new project. After many ideas and plans, AXIBYTE Esports was born.

Looking at the old branding from 2011, the team decided a new logo was necessary.
Studying recent trends and design fashions, AXIBYTE had a new look to it.

After the launch and acquiring the organisation "200K" for that boost in fanbase, AXIBYTE took the first step in to the Fighting Games Community with 2 Tekken 7 players from the original 200K team.
Slowly adding to the roster, AXIBYTE then moved in to Counter Strike Global Offensive with a team in the ESEA Main division. A good first few steps in creating a community.

Unfortunately, things weren't going exactly to plan, with the CSGO team falling very short of the target of being promoted in to the ESEA Advanced Division and the Tekken 7 players deciding to follow a new path in their careers.
Now left with no team projects, the management decided once again on a new look for AXIBYTE to show the esports world that AXIBYTE will not go down without a fight, gather together and use the term of "bite the bullet" in our own context of #BYTETHEBULLET.

New branding, new teams, new members of management and additional staff members to push forward with our dreams of becoming the next premier European esports team.


With our new look in place and making a great first impression by acquiring two new partners in Audeze Audio and Samurai Sportswear, an approach was made to a very talented Valorant player called Mikkel "Masked" Fuglsang.
Masked, currently a free agent, had a very in depth conversation with the AXIBYTE management team about how the future was looking for Valorant.
Given the opportunity to create a brand new team from scratch under the AXIBYTE colours, Masked went on to recruiting an all Danish roster.
This roster has not only developed into a group of close friends but also the reigning number 1 Valorant team in all of Denmark. An unusual approach in the Valorant world as most teams at the top have a mixture of nationalities.

After Valorant came another Counter Strike Global Offensive team.
Although the team had decided to follow different choices in life with study and work, having them part of AXIBYTE for a short time really helped us learn more about the CSGO community and what it really takes to have a consistent team.

With Valorant in full swing, ranking at best 30th in Europe and placing highly in most tournaments outside of the Valorant Challengers Tour....It was time for a new challenge.

Introducing the Content Collective team.
A medium sized group of Content Creators were recruited by our Esports Director, Sam Kendall.
Having multiple platforms on where the Content team stream games to, engage with their community and take a unique approach to enjoying gaming. The Content team are what make up the foundations of the AXIBYTE fanbase.


After the additions of our successful Valorant and Content Collective teams, new titles were on the horizon that seemed to suit the approach AXIBYTE has in esports.

With FIFA 22 about to be released and the new season of competitive FIFA changing in to a 2 versus 2 format, this was the right opportunity for 2 FIFA players looking to build alongside an organisation.
Former Crystal Palace EPremier player Michael "MP9Mike" Pereira.
England Football team national player Connor "BigMac" McGoldrick.
Both players looking to take the FIFA 22 season by storm, Michael and Connor assisted by FIFA Manager Jordon Randall in attempts to help develop their game to the next level.

Fast forwarding to November 2021 and the release of the late anticipated Halo Infinite and the support shown by the Halo Championship Series, AXIBYTE have found a new title to participate in.
Made up of former Gears of War players looking to make the transition into a well supported esports title, long friend of esports Director Sam Kendall called Daniel "Kruza" Hogg introduced the team with all their aspirations.

Finding a common ground with ways to develop and improve as both new to the title, AXIBYTE Halo Infinite is set to cause a lot of interest for tournaments in Europe and North America. 

new titles


Fragleague Cup #5 - 2nd

RIX.GG Open August - 3rd
ICEBOX Northern Classic - 4th

epic33 Online - 6th
E-GO App Cup Finals - 8th
VCT EU Stage 3 - 32nd

Total winnings - £2991.12