Today is a very exciting day for AXIBYTE as we venture back in to CS:GO!
After a brief spell last year with our ESEA Main team, we have re joined the ESEA League with this very talented roster who's looking to progress through the leagues and put AXIBYTE back on the CS:GO map.
Plans and preparations to venture back in to CS:GO has been ongoing for the last couple of months and believe that we have found the perfect roster for our 2021/2022 campaign.

The roster which was formerly known as "RISINGSTARS" will be participating in the ESEA Open League with aspirations of promotion in to the ESEA Intermediate League and beyond.

Without further ado, let us introduce to you....

Mattias "Matsson" By
Simon "SMN" Danielsson
Jacob "j1nye" By
Sebastian "KryptoKnight" Ostermeier
Marcel "impulsG" De Matteis

Co-owner and Marketing Director Joshua Pascoe had this to say about the reintroduction in to CS:GO: "What a team, after 2 months of figuring out what we actually wanted from CS:GO, I am so pleased with our newest addition to AXIBYTE. This roster has some insanely talented players that have a great future ahead of them so of course we are delighted to have them working alongside us. We look forward to bringing the AXIBYTE live stream back with those official matches."