PUBG: Mobile esports 2.0 is being introduced this year with a new and promising statement from Tencent of "huge changes to the format". Tencent's Director of esports, James Yang, revealed.
"The biggest change in the esports ecosystem is at the amateur and semi-pro levels. Tencent will be enhancing this layer to strengthen PUBG Mobile esports’ base. To do so, the National Championships (PMNC) is now being upgraded as the gateway to the Pro Leagues (PMPL)."

A pyramid of PUBG: Mobile esports is made up of PMCOs, Campus Championships (PMCC) and third party events which, will run throughout the year and will certainly provide great opportunities for aspiring players to make it to professional level.


Image provided via Tencent

PMCOs have also widened their coverage throughout regions in South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Top teams from the PMCOs, PMCCs, and third party events will advance to the PMNC and regional cups, which will be held towards the end of the year. There will be 11 PMNCs for different countries.

With this change and within the reach of AXIBYTE, this is definitely an interesting title for us to pursue and set our sights on.