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The crown for the most hyped up game releases for late 2021 has to go to Halo Infinite.
A nostalgic first person shooter game which boasted its popularity from as early as the original Xbox has found itself dropping in general viewership.

A title in which AXIBYTE wanted to take on as a competitive team has shown a less than encouraging progression in popularity.
It can be argued of course that Halo fans are more interested in actually playing the game than watching it via twitch but, unless the game is hosting the HCS (Halo Championship Series) where professional organisation such as NAVI, FaZe and Fnatic are supporting under a partnership programme, the viewership is struggling to even reach an average of 2000 globally.


Image provided via Twitch Tracker

Where does this leave the future of the HCS?
Generally speaking, when the HCS is hosting a tournament the viewership does increase but, is this only because of the professional teams that were mentioned above?

European Halo does have its ups with teams such as Acend, the French dominated team who currently has the most successful run in EU Halo where they have been undefeated in Europe since Halo 5.
The question that still remains for every EU Halo fan, is this enough?