AXIBYTE ESPORTS focus on MobIle & console!

After some new challenges were presented during the beginning of 2022, there was an uncertainty of what may follow in terms of saturation of PC gaming titles.
Earlier on this year with the departure of not only our Danish Valorant roster but also the dissolved Halo Infinite team, it became evident a change needed to be made.

After many weeks of research and consulting was drawing to an end, it was obvious what the UK Esports community was disregarding....Mobile & Console Gaming.
With close to every UK Esports team focusing their attentions on PC Gaming, AXIBYTE have taken the opportunity in shifting our future specifically dedicated in Mobile & Console Esports!

Not only is Mobile & Console gaming fun and easy to learn, it is also extremely accessible to any gamer in the world. One of the main differences being how cost effective Mobile & Console Gaming is compared to the thousands you would spend on a mid-high spec gaming PC.
Mobile devices & Gaming consoles are arguably two of the most popular accessories nearly every individual owns which in turn, generates a market with sky rocketing potential in the gaming world.

This development of initiative has given AXIBYTE a new lease of life and opened up a whole new world of exciting prospects.

From this day forward, AXIBYTE is now the new lead in UK Mobile & console Esports.