Company number 13343446

Ownership group


Aerial Unit

A competitive gaming and entertainment group,
operating out of the United Kingdom.

Owners of the gaming teams AXIBYTE and Aerial Unit.

The group is organised by Co-owners Joshua Pascoe and Sam Kendall.
The intention behind AXIBYTE Esports LTD. as an ownership group is to bring multiple communities of gamers and fans together.
Having a collective of multiple gaming teams with unique identities will provide a incomparable insight into the esports and gaming industry for potential company's looking to invest and become members of the largest growing business in the world.

Co-owner and Business Manager Joshua Pascoe's testimonial;
"Being part of esports has been a major influence in my life, this stems from competing and managing my own teams. Since my retirement from competitive play, I've always had a dream of running my very own gaming organisation and creating a healthy environment for the next generation of esports athletes.
With AXIBYTE Esports LTD. and the fantastic team we have within the organisation, I am certain that we will achieve our dreams.
Our aim is to not only have a successful and profitable business but, to lead and set the correct examples for many years to come"