With continuous campaigns and opportunities for AXIBYTE to create meaningful partnerships, we are looking to expand our Marketing staff with the addition of a Partnerships Co-Ordinator.
Your job will be to initiate communication with new potential partners through email, phone and business meetings.
Connect and share our business model with potential partners and negotiate a partnership deal that will benefit both AXIBYTE and a new business partner.

Having fantastic communication skills with a persuasive nature will be the key to starting that most important initial conversation with the any potential partnership.

Your contribution will of course not go unnoticed.
With AXIBYTE offering an amazing commission contract that is by far the most generous currently seen in the Mobile & Console Esports industry, all you need is the drive to earn an uncapped percentage based on your success.



  • Co-ordinating communication with potential new partners.

  • Acting as the official representative for AXIBYTE Esports.

  • Providing detailed feedback to the team.

  • Negotiating new deals with potential new partners.

  • Maintaining a professional image through written and voice communication.


  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Ability to adapt and multitask.

  • Experience in sales or marketing.

  • Knowledge of the Esports industry.

  • Have internet access to Microsoft Office.

  • Ability to travel overseas if necessary.

    Remuneration in Commissions

  • Commissions percentage based on amounts negotiated and received.

  • 6.5% commission mark up of amounts up to £20,000 (£1,300 if amount is £20,000).

  • 8% commission mark up of amounts £50,000+ (£4,000 if amount is £50,000).


    Please scroll down and click the "online application" button and send your C.V to our email address.

    We are looking forward in receiving your application.