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The AXIBYTE Red and Yellow will be the colour of Mobile Esports
in the United Kingom.

This colour combination is unique to our branding.

AXIBYTE Red is our primary colour with AXIBYTE Yellow complimenting the bold and visible look with a touch of regular Black.

usage rules

Our logo has multiple hidden designs.
Just like our approach to Mobile Esports, diverse.

If you look hard enough, you will see a range of different letters that make up the body of the AXIBYTE logo.

The AXIBYTE logo primarily used in our main colour scheme, with the exceptions of solid White or Black depending on the backgrounds.
Any colours that are being used must be against a darker or lighter version of the background to avoid clash.

The AXIBYTE logo is to never be used in any other colour apart from
AXIBYTE Red, AXIBYTE Yellow, Black and White.
Our branding is very important to us and wish this to be sustained throughout any campaign.

Our logo is available to be used for marketing, official tournaments and non-profit advertisement purposes only as the AXIBYTE logo is protected under trademark and copyright law.

The AXIBYTE logo and Wordmark should always work in unison with the AXIBYTE logo oversized compared to the Wordmark.
Complementing each other but never locked in as one item.

The AXIBYTE logo and Wordmark should always be used as separate items and never adjusted to meet an independent design brief.

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