fifa players in the spotlight

Images courtesy of the England eLions & The FA.

A player that needs no introduction is our very own Connor "BigMac" McGoldrick.

Professional FIFA player for AXIBYTE and representative of the national England FIFA team, the eLions.
Although Connor has had a shorter career than most professional FIFA players, that wasn't a hinderance for being selected in one of the greatest honours and representing your country.
Before we ventured into FIFA esports, a lot of research was done on a handful of players, Connor being one of our main targets.
Having shown what vast improvements Connor had made in such a short period of time, it felt like it would be a perfect fit under the vision that AXIBYTE has with player development and growth.

With Connor being announced as an England eLion, it's safe to say it ticked a box in Connor's list of achievements.
You can find the original announcement through the FA website here:

In this announcement, a statement was made by Connor which we would love to share!

Connor "BigMac" McGoldrick:


"It’s fair to say, I’ve come into gaming at this level from a different route. I’m 26, I’m a dad, I have a normal job and I’m just an average guy who loves football and all sport.

I’ve previously played football at a semi-professional level for Bolehall Swifts FC and I used to box at a good level until I was 22, so I’m quite athletic and sporty generally.

So everyone points out that I’m a bit different to my peers in gaming and I know that - I’ve just come from a different background.

But I've always played FIFA in my spare time, a couple of hours here and there at weekends and I knew I was really good, but I never had the time to take it that seriously.

It was when I broke my ankle in a football match that I was able to play FIFA19 a bit more when thought I’d give it a shot so I gave myself two months to have a crack at it. I went on to finish 73rd in the world in one tournament, so I tried one of the qualifiers and got to the top 17, which was really good considering I’d barely played the game.

So I couldn’t believe it when I became an eLion, to even get as far in that event and beat some of the top players I did was a shock. I even had to tell my missus not to watch the final, as it was the first time I’d been in a position like that and I was really nervous about it to be honest.

It’s all a bit crazy really, to represent England at anything is such an achievement and I can’t wait to get going now.

It’s a massive tournament to look forward to, I know I’m much less known than the other guys but hopefully we can all do well together for England."

Being part of a very select few of eLions, Connor plays alongside some of the best FIFA players in England. Players such as "Tekkz" who currently plays for the FNATIC FIFA division and leads as one of England's most achieved talents, this puts Connor in a great position for greatness. Understandably, AXIBYTE are extremely excited about what the future holds with Connor representing the brand for the next year.

Now FIFA is truly well underway and the season is shaping up to be one of the best yet, we could also potentially see Connor representing an EPremierleague team where professional football clubs from the English Premier League take part. Another fantastic opportunity for AXIBYTE to stamp their mark in the FIFA esports community.

We hope to see Connor in action very soon, either in 2 versus 2 action with his team mate and fellow member of AXIBYTE

Michael "MP9Mike" Pereira or official national tournaments where Connor will be wearing that England shirt with pride.

If you're a FIFA lover or you just enjoy watching the game being played, keep your eyes open for all updates regarding our FIFA division.