After the success of the AXIBYTE COD:M roster into the Call of Duty World Championship 2022 Regional Qualifiers, AXIBYTE is heading to Gouda, Holland.

In collaboration with old friends in ECV Esports, our COD:M team will now be playing together in the city of Gouda at the ECV Esports gaming facility for the Call of Duty World Championship Regional Qualifiers (stage 4).

Our journey to Gouda has already started but, you can out find how we did it throughout this news article.

The Stage 3 timeline is found below.

Automatic BYE.

Winners Bracket Round 1: Versus Grandlosen 5 - AXIBYTE WIN 2-0
Winners Bracket Round 2: Versus MONT - AXIBYTE WIN 2-1
Winners Bracket Round 3: Versus Spectrum - AXIBYTE WIN 3-0
Winners Bracket Round 4: Versus Cold Esports - AXIBYTE WIN 3-2

Winners Bracket Round 5: Versus Illuminati - TBD
Winners Bracket Round 6: TBD

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