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AXIBYTE Mobile Esports Club, shaping the future of competitive Mobile Gaming.

Housing competitive teams in multiple Mobile Gaming titles, AXIBYTE strives to be one of the most recognised and supported Mobile Esports teams in the world.
Boasting teams from all over the globe, we are creating a connection for multiple countries to come together on the worlds fastest growing form of entertainment, Mobile Gaming.


What started as an independent Call of Duty brand back in 2011, our founder and former professional Esports player Joshua Pascoe relaunched AXIBYTE as a passion project in 2020.

AXIBYTE is a Mobile Esports focused Club, committed to the development of the Mobile Gaming industry by supporting talented individuals in a team based environment. 
At AXIBYTE, our standards are defined by our excellence in professionalism, sportsmanship, respect, performance, passion and respect. Highlighting the importance of community through our many campaigns to shape the future of Mobile Esports and connect the world through our passion, gaming.

Combining our 30 years of experience, AXIBYTE is passing on valuable lessons to the next generation of Esports players that are striving for a career from professional gaming.
AXIBYTE prides itself through consistency in this results driven industry. With representation across the EMEA region in popular gaming titles, AXIBYTE will become the most recognised brand in Mobile Esports.


Typically, the definition of "BYTE" is a combined unit of information which consists of multiple details that's collectively used for a larger scale purpose.
Our intention is to shape the future of Mobile Esports and to contribute in the development of this ever growing industry with the extensive knowledge we have built up over our many years in Esports.

Knowing that Mobile gaming will be at the forefront of all gaming entertainment, the time to amalgamate our expertise is not tomorrow, next month or next year....It's now!


Having a strong foundation already in place, AXIBYTE will continue to dedicate its focus in Mobile Esports
and expand our brand further with the additions of new gaming titles. Some of the games we are currently looking into include will be new releases during 2023.

If you would like to get in touch with AXIBYTE regarding any team recruitment opportunities, you can reach out to our Esports management team through our
contact email.


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