Esports is in our blood. We are one of the very few Esports, Streaming and Gaming entertainment organisations that was born from raw passion, competition and former professional Esports personalities who have lived through the highs and lows of competitive gaming.

AXIBYTE Esports was created to develop gamers, encourage a healthy balance between gaming and lifestyle from all skillsets, unite gaming platforms and build a community through all walks of life. With the AXIBYTE management team having personal experience of being in the spotlight for professional Esports tournaments and leagues, it's time that we passed on our expertise of 14 years to the next generation of gamers and show the world that there is definitely a sustainable career in the future of gaming. While scratching that competitive itch.

With Esports being one of the fastest growing markets for audience and revenue there is an unlimited potential with what AXIBYTE can achieve in physical and digital reach. Including professional event attendance, advertisement campaigns, live streaming, social media engagements and building a dedicated fanbase for the Esports enthusiast but now, most importantly....the occasional casual viewer!

Here at AXIBYTE we have a promise. Everything we do is done to the highest level of professionalism with no excuse. We are AXIBYTE and it's time to #BYTETHEBULLET


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21 July 2021

9 July 2021

Champions Tour Europe Stage 3

Top Agents Tournament July