AXIBYTE Esports acquires Aerial Unit LLC.

AXIBYTE Esports has acquired Aerial Unit LLC in a business merger, bringing new opportunities for esports & content creation. An exciting new mission for AXIBYTE and the newly formed Aerial Unit esports agency.







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JunJun joins AXIBYTE Valorant, Loonie moved to sub.

Welcome JunJun to the AXIBYTE Valorant roster.

After a discussion with the team, Loonie has decided to take a small step back from the active roster and moved into a substitute position. Making way for the addition of our newest player, Lukas "JunJun" Carlsen.
JunJun being only 17 years old brings a youthful attitude into the team along with some great leadership qualities so let's make Lukas feel right at home here at AXIBYTE Esports.

MP9Mike joins AXIBYTE ready for FIFA22.

Please welcome Michael Pereira also known as MP9Mike to AXIBYTE Esports.

Michael was the FIFA21 Crystal Palace qualifying player for the EPremier last season.
With the addition of FIFA22 being a 2 versus 2 format, Michael will be setting himself up for success with the traditional ritual of buying FIFA packs and searching for a partner in order to gain the best team possible.

AXIBYTE welcomes "JoeFL96 & BigBritishCrumpet".

Please join us in welcoming our two new Content Creators for AXIBYTE Esports, JoeFL96 & BigBritishCrumpet.
With the addition of these two new creators, we bring you not only some great entertainment but, a wide variety of game titles such as Fortnite and World of Warships.

Please visit the Content Creators page for more information and social links.